项目 that develop the whole student at every age

Columbia prides itself on providing a Total Care Development® experience for all its students, customized according to the student’s particular age and development needs. Students are divided into one of three age-based “ASEP Achievers” groups, with “ASEP” standing for “academic, social, 情感和身体,” the four dimensions of a person that Columbia strives to develop through its Total Care® Education philosophy. “Young ASEP Achievers” are 16 years old or younger as of July 31 of that year. As our youngest students, they get the support and supervision they need to thrive far from the familiarity of family and culture. “Junior ASEP Achievers” are 16 and 17 years old as of August 1, while “Senior ASEP Achievers” are 17 and 18 years old. We make sure to offer fun activities for these junior and senior students while creating a disciplined and consistent daily routine that enables them to develop healthy social and emotional lives. All students receive age-tailored life coaching and participate in character-building activities that will serve them well at university and in their future lives.


初中 (Grades 7 and 8) 9年级 非母语英语课程 十年级及十一年级 11年级和12年级
After school clubs (leadership, arts, science, leisure, athletics, service, trips, events) 4个强制性社团+1 errand day 4个强制性社团 4个强制性社团
2 非母语英语课程 support +2 other
3个强制性社团 Choice of 2 mandatory clubs +
University Preparatory club
周六的活动 Mandatory trips and activities Mandatory trips and activities Trip or study option with conditions Trip or study option with conditions Trip or study option with conditions
月之旅 强制 强制 强制 强制 可选 with conditions
爱丁堡公爵 Award 可选 可选 可选 可选 可选


工作日 周一 周二 周三 周四 星期五
9 a.m. 到下午4点.m. 课堂学习
4 p.m. 到晚上9点.m. 俱乐部及活动
5:30 p.m. 到下午6:45.m. 晚餐
7 p.m. 到晚上9点.m. Individual study and/or group study with assistance from peer tutors and academic tutors
9 p.m. 到10点.m. Snacks, preparation for next school day, and bed time
10 p.m. 宵禁


周六 周日
早.... 早午餐 早午餐 and optional religious activity of choice
在早午餐 Organized trips and activities Cultural trips and excursions
晚餐 Family, food and leisure Family, food and leisure
晚上 Organized activities and leisure 学习时间

A Year of Character-building 编程


  • Orientation tours for new students
  • 欢迎烧烤
  • Niagara Falls/Toronto city tour
  • 俱乐部公平
  • International Cuisine 晚餐

NOVEMBER: Responsibility

  • International fashion show
  • 颁奖典礼
  • 冬季才艺表演
  • 领导撤退
  • International cuisine dinner


  • Staff versus students basketball game
  • 大学公平
  • 有关饥荒
  • 滑雪之旅
  • International cuisine dinner

MAY: Self-confidence and self-advocacy

  • 毕业典礼
  • 期末考试
  • JMS戏剧制作
  • 美国职业足球大联盟比赛
  • 海滨野餐


  • 领导撤退 at 树皮湖
  • 精神周
  • Terry Fox Run for cancer research
  • Hamilton Tiger-Cats football game
  • 游戏的一天

DECEMBER: Peaceful and Positive Conflict Resolution

  • Christmas gingerbread house making
  • 毕业典礼
  • 除夕晚会
  • Winter Festival of Lights


  • 性格周
  • 角色指导
  • International 游戏的一天
  • Toronto Raptors basketball game
  • International cuisine dinner


  • 毕业典礼
  • Junior middle school graduation ceremony
  • 水游戏
  • Canada’s Wonderland trip
  • International cuisine dinner

OCTOBER: Honesty and Integrity

  • Thanksgiving celebration
  • Pumpkin carving competition
  • Canada’s Wonderland Hallowe’en Haunt
  • 摘苹果的旅行
  • International cuisine dinner

JANUARY: Inclusiveness

  • Orientation tours for new students
  • 俱乐部公平
  • 精神周
  • 雪油管
  • Niagara Falls/Toronto city tour


  • 索迪斯食品募捐
  • Prom (graduation dinner and dance)
  • 领导烧烤
  • 颁奖典礼
  • International cuisine dinner


  • Leadership-in-training program
  • Summer camp talent show
  • 购物之旅
  • Residence sports activities
  • 电影之旅

Care for our youngest students.

Students who are under 16 years old as of July 31 each year are placed in our “Young ASEP Achievers” or “Junior ASEP Achievers” program. 这些学生, who may be in our junior middle school program or in the first years of high school, receive the special care and attention they need to mature into responsible adults.